What We Offer

Robert Petty Builders will build your home to the highest standard whilst project managing all aspects of the build from planning to completed landscaping, minimising your stress whilst keeping you fully involved.

We can enter the process from the concept stage, and help channel your ideas into a design, or join your team later in the process.

We are experienced in dealing with areas of Heritage Overlay, and can advise on the use of innovative materials, for example cladding and roofing, green materials and processes, to achieve the best energy rating.

Our interior designer and colour expert, Electra Corley of Renaissance Interiors of Brighton, liaises directly with clients on interior and exterior paint, tiles, carpets and cabinetry.

 Robert Petty Builders are experienced in detached singular homes and multi townhouse developments, as well as extensive renovations to existing homes.

Robert Petty Builders Services

Dual Occupancies

We are able to assist in developing your land into a dual occupancy including the subdivision, design and planning stages, through demolition, council permits and of course the build, followed up with landscaping.

We are experienced in the building of clever dual occupancies which use all available space, utilising clever storage, ‘hidden’ study nooks, maximising natural light, whilst maintaining enough outdoor space to entertain and play.

We use techniques, materials and insulation to create townhouses which are private, quiet and deceptive in their spaciousness.

One of our latest dual occupancy builds in the Bayside area recently sold at auction for a record price for the locale.

New Homes

Rob has been building new homes all his adult life. He understands the process as a Builder but also as a client. He knows when timely decisions need to be made so the process is smooth and quick, and your stress is minimised.


The challenge of altering a house to work for a new generation, for the 21st century, to live on, is a great one. Some houses have great bones and are worth conserving. Our quality renovations will keep the best of the old whilst introducing the best of the new in terms of insulation, heating and cooling and of course modern finishes and clever zoning.